Award winning Livery designs

Some of Branston Potatoes Livery designs. These designs won Livery of the year at the Motor Transport awards in 2011. The range of designs contiues to grow.

Lincoln School of Media Magazine's

The University's School of Media department approached us to develop a magazine for their media department. The idea was to give the magazine an arty feel with a slickness of a coffee table read. We decided to break from the traditional white based pages and use a nice rich black to work with the moody colourful shots we had from the Universities television studios theater.

The results of the first issue went down so well we added "Lincoln School of performing arts" and Lincoln school of humanities. we are still adding to the range all of which are designed to work as a set.

Flying Squad band identity

A logo design and identity for loacal band the Flying Squad.
the identity needed to work accross a range of items including T-shirts and Badges. the intual design ideas I presented were so well recieved by the band that they chose to take both forward in their marketing.

A selection of logos

These are some of the logos I have designed for verious companies, organisations and friends.

The Science Priory fund-raising brochure

A brochure designed for Repton School in Derbyshire. The brochure was commissioned to showcase Reptons plans for a new science building. The over all aim was to gain funding and donations to help fund the project.

Think Tank mug box

A novel paper engineered gift box given to visitors of the Think Tank creative workspace.

This is a fully bespoke box designed to engage the recipient, challenging them to put the box back together like a paper Rubiks cube.

Grastonbury 2010 gig poster

This was designed for a charity music festival in the village of Grasby in Lincolnshire.


Realy Welsh Icecream

This range of exclusive icecream were created for sale spacificly in Wales.

Designed to be fun and diffrent to other simerler products on the market highlighting iconic people and events that are Welsh.

The range ideas also include "The Manic Street Peacher's "and Brin Chock Truffle".

Character illustration

This piece started life as pure doodles I did in my spare time. Gradually I built up a hole page of characters.

I loved the randomness of the overall page so I decided to colour up the characters and add a background. I digitized the ink outlines by scanning the page and added the coulour using a graphics tablet. The background originated in illustrator and was brought into photoshop, once all the elements were in place I added bleed and sent it off to be made into a vibrant canvas.

This became the inspiration for my office colour scheme and now lives on my wall. (I know very bright but it works)

WWF Packaging

The net for these boxes is compleatly bespoke, designed from the ground up. The idea was to allow as much of the keyring toy to be on show and accesable whilst mantaining some security. The toys can be hung using there own key ring or displyed on shelving. These are just two of a 6 toy range.


Manor View Stores Hand Painted Sign

A hand made sign for a village shop. This project included building the sign and hand painting it to match existing decor.


Artefacts out Leaflet And Poster

A duel leaflet with poster foldout designed to publicise Lincolnshires Museum Loan box scheme. Loans boxes can be used in a number of ways to support formal and informal learning.

Branston Harrogate 2011

This Exhibition stand was 20 meters by 6 meters wide and included a bar area, a fully operational kitchen, bespoke light boxes and modified modular framework systems. Every detail was is considered from light positions to business card slots.


Binbrook pen and ink illustration

This is a personal piece picking out the main landmarks in my local village. I exhibited the artwork at a local craft exhibition and sold an A2 print. Also on sale are postcards of the artwork. © Lorne Felgate


Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust's "Wildlife in the City" campaign

Designed a set of illustrational graphics for the Wildlife Trust to use to help create awareness of the wildlife that lives in our cities and parks.

The ellements are used in all promotional items and create a strong identity.

Graphic Novel

I've always admired the skill of the graphic artist. The attention to detail and clever twists and turns the illustrations are able to take you on are amazing.

With this in mind I decided to plan write and illustrate my own graphic novel. I set about writing a story that would appeal to children but have that gritty edge found in the classic graphic novel. The project is on-going with all plans and story boards in place, I am hoping to end up with a 32 page A5 booklet on an uncoated stock.