Where it all happens!

Hi I’m Lorne, I have a huge hunger for all things creative. I’m a designer by trade which fulfils some of my creative drive but I need more and in a different way to my regular day to day work I do.

This is where my art comes in. I get inspiration from the strangest places, for example in might be a piece of wood with an unusual texture, an old spade propped up against a brick wall that inspires me to start a piece.

When I do get that flash of inspiration, I can’t stop thinking and making.

I have a workshop for making the frames (all unique and bespoke to the piece), cutting wood and other materials. I also have a small studio for the finer bit.

I generally work with reclaimed wood and start with a sketch from there it forms the basis of the finished artwork.

Somtime people ask me for commissioned artworks which love doing, I love the challenge of creating somthing personal and unique.

So that’s me, take a look around at my work and let me know if you like anything or have an idea you want me to make for you.